How to Prepare for the BNB Chain Fusion

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How to Prepare for the BNB Chain Fusion

The BNB Beacon chain will be deprecated in late June 2024. Learn how to transfer funds before the BNB Chain Fusion.

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  • What shall BNB token holders do?
  • Risk if action not taken
  • Step 1: Transfer BNB on the Beacon Chain to a wallet that supports the Cross-Chain transfer
  • Step 2: Transfer BNB on the Beacon Chain to the BSC Network
  • Step 3: Transfer BNB on the BSC Network back to your NGRAVE ZERO to Securely Store it Offline
  • After the Beacon Chain Fusion
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  • Disclaimer

Update - 27 June 2024: BNB has updated their information. For the latest deadlines, please check the BNB website.



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